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Our vision is to create a pleasant environment for relaxing moments full of exciting moments with beautiful and friendly girls who will fulfill your secret wishes and desires.

We provide Visiting Massage in Doha,Doha home &hotel Massage Services,Same day bookings are available, or book within 30 minutes to 1 hour for quick service. Tantric, sensual, erotic, or Thai, Swedish and deep tissue massage, Or Acupressure body Massage, and aqua shower are some of our speciality therapeutic and exciting treatments.

Want to have the comfort of being in your home or hotel? We specialize in hotel outcalls, please try to give as much notice as possible to have your ideal masseuse, or just call as & when required, and we will do our best to get to you as soon as we can, subject to traffic! Please allow 30 minutes minimum. Please take a shower before the masseuse arrives, and pay her before the session begins. Please note – we do not accept credit cards,so its CASH only.


All of our services are tailored to each of our individual clients’ needs. You name it, we’ll fulfil it!

Tantric Massage



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Refresh your life with fresh and interesting things. Erotic and NURA massage is right for you.

Erotic massage

How a sexy massage works

Every beginning of the erotic massage takes place in the shower, which you will enjoy along with the masseuse. The naked female body, which will irritate and excite you under the water, will heat you up and start to what will then take place in a warm room. As with a classic massage, sit on your belly when the girl begins to massage you. This is a classic massage for everyone. The difference in the erotic is that the woman you choose will engage your whole body, not just your fingers and your palms. Each part of her body will touch you gently and bring you out of the reality of everyday days. Erotic massage is done with special massaging preparations that will bleed and make a nice skin, so the masseuse will be more able to carry you gentle moves and stronger and more intense strokes throughout your body.

Unique experience for erotic massage

You do not have to worry at all that everything will only end at your back of the body. After one of our girls goes down to your butt and thighs, they ask you to turn to the other side. You can also take a look at her naked body covered with fragrant oil. This time, he will take up the upper body. As soon as the experience is most exciting for you, the part that you will enjoy the most from the beginning will come. Pleasantly relaxed and attuned to the best, you will finally get the girl to start gently stroking and massaging your penis with her fingers. Her touches will be very sensuous and you will experience the climax stronger than you have ever been used to. But the massage itself does not have to end. You can indulge in such orgasms how much you want and how much you feel you can handle. There are no rules in this regard, but it is important to point out that wishes for sexual intercourse or oral sex will not be adhered to under certain rules of our salon.

We hope you will not miss this unique experience and visit us as soon as possible. Believe that you will not regret it

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Nuru massage


Beginning and basically the course of Nuru massage is the same as classic erotic massage. Even before you enjoy an exciting experience, join the girl in the shower so that you can get to know your body better with your body and instill an intimate atmosphere. You will wash each other and enjoy the common touch. We can say that a smaller massage will take place when it is lying under a stream of water. Once you have both cleaned and skinned, go to a warm, warm room where relaxing music and scent of fragrant sticks will be carried. You lie down on your belly and the girl will put Nuru gel on you. As soon as he moves you and relaxes with his fingers, he then joins his entire naked body. Nuru Gel will be applied to her and you can just enjoy the whole game of her naked, slippery body.

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Erotic experience full of moving touches

After taking care of your entire back of the body, it will ask you to turn to the other side. You will enjoy the look on her body and face and now you can fully get what you expect all the time. Erotic Nuru Massage will also pay attention to your intimate games and you will discover erogenous zones even where you did not expect. Thirsting, massaging and fine stimulation of your penis will take place as long as you do not reach the climax itself, which will be much stronger than you are accustomed to. And exactly such orgasms you can indulge in just how much you want and how much you can do.

So do not hesitate longer than necessary. Indulge in the unique experience that you would love to enjoy every day of your life. The choice of the girl will be entirely up to you, so everyone's taste will come according to their taste. Discover the world of eroticism with us as you still do not know.


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Whether you are looking for escorts in Doha, the finest tantra massage or sensory massage can push your mind, body and soul to eternal happiness, or if you are looking for deep spiritual connections, all you need to do is let us know. Our girls, they are very open, their service is definitely what you are looking for. So what are you waiting for? If you want a high quality massage, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Young, sweet masseurs, all of which are selected from the most lovely red sweet faces, and most importantly, trained masseurs have a tendency to take care of and care. accommodate. Small but curved, their fingers and toes, as well as every part of their body, are taught and regulated to stimulate and please - for those who have the highest expectations and the greatest taste, this is a luxury experience.

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