I really cannot remember a time in elementary school that I wasn’t bullied. Even as a second or third grader I remember being called “Dumbo” because I had huge ears compared to the rest of my body. I actually talked to my mom and dad about getting surgery to make them smaller because it was […]

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First of all, I’d like to say that discovering this site and reading everyone’s stories has been really emotional. It’s heartwarming to see that you’re not the only one who went through the major ordeal high school can be. That being said, here’s my story :) Like many others here, I was a chubby, nerdy, […]

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Calling all Submissions!

Hi there everyone! I need some help. I wanted to reach out and ask all of you to share your awkward photo and story. I want so badly for this project to continue, but my efforts really depend on all of you. I would love to share as many stories as possible but it’s hard when I […]

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Until I had a minor dental procedure at age 25, I had tiny little ridges on the bottom of my two front teeth. If you looked closely, they looked like a loose capital W, if you can picture that. I think a lot of people have them on their adult teeth, but they usually get […]

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I was always that awkward teenager that loved history and languages. However, I never really knew how to express it well when I was in high school and middle school only to be told that I was ugly, that I was too nerdy and that I was too boy like. Well, a few years later […]

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This photo was taken at the very beginning of seventh grade–my first year in junior high. My friends and I all laugh at this photo now, but I was nothing but serious about my look that day. I had done some babysitting during the summer so I could buy some new clothes for school, and […]

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What has changed since then: higher self-confidence, improved social skills, lower BMI. What hasn’t changed since then: proud nerd, bad at sports, amateur reader and gamer, popular science fan, childish behavior. I chose that picture because it was then when harassment by boys who were one and two years older began. It was subtle at […]

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When i  was 14 years old i was picked on because i was going through a chubby stage, it wasn’t a good time in my life, however when i was 15 i decided to build my way up to becoming a bodybuilder, i now compete on stage in bodybuilding competitions and am successful with it, […]